Fire Ant Box2d Level Editor Introduction

Hi there, here is a very beloved piece of software in which I have been working lately. So, what exactly is Fire Ant Box2d Level Editor, FABLE for short.

Well as the name says, FABLE is a Box2D Level Editor, It gives you a GUI in which to develop Box2D environments, It is useful for building small Sketch’s as is useful for building full levels. Some of the features on the box are, the capability not only to build the physics environment, but also the ability to map the textures to each body. the tool is also capable of generating optimized texture atlas.

The develop environment currently supports a lot of user experience features as is as the Copy Paste capability, the undo redo stack, load and save files and the capability of exporting a XML file with the definition of the world and also objective C code for use in IOS projects.

As for the development tools it contains specific tools to create joints, bodies and fixtures, it contains a tool to create irregular polygons for both bodies and fixtures, it can handle all of the features of Box2D like collision levels and masks, densities, frictions, damping frequencies (for some joints like distance joints), motors, torque, angles, limits, and so on and so for.

It also contains playback controls for test the current environment and also for change the original environment state.

Another great feature is that for textures it can handle Layers, so you can distribute objects among layers, this is specially useful for levels that have more than one interaction layer or simply to handle in a better way the elements on the screen.

Here is a small screenshot of the GUI with some explanations.


Yes I know, the buttons are horrible, I drew them by myself Smile with tongue out.

Here you can see a bit of the functionality in this video, narrated with my melodious voice Open-mouthed smile.

FABLE Demo One

Well, that is everything for now, I’ll be publishing new entries with more small tutorials and also more new features to the program cheers and here is the link to the program.

Box2dLevelEditor Download

Also visit the new official site

And here are the FABLE file and the images just in case you want to try it by yourself.’’

Let me know if it was useful to you