GAL 16V8 References :)

Have you decided you want to learn to code in gal but don’t know where to start. Well welcome, this page won’t explain a thing but here are nice links you can follow in your quest.

Good CUPL Language reference Guide

GAL16V8 DataSheet

The cheap gal programmer I bought, I have tried with GAL 16V8 from Lattice and works fine so far.

Where to download winCUPL “for windows” with bugs, but is free.

3 thoughts on “GAL 16V8 References :)”

  1. Hi,
    The Amazon link doesn’t work any more. Searching on Amazon shows lots of different programmers. Could you please tell us the model number of your programmer?
    Thanks, Brian.

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for letting me know, it is the g540 universal programmer. Mine is a Chinese knockoff but seems to work ok for gal 16v8

      1. Hi Esteban,
        Thanks for the reply. I’m not ready to program my GALs yet and I am still considering which programmer to buy. I had been thinking about the TIL866-II. I will look more closely at the G540.
        Cheers, Brian.

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