This Post will show my disassembly process as well as screenshot of main components and tips and tricks.

The main structure of the Tivoo is not glued, it consist of some snap locks and screws.

The first step is to remove the knobs, there are two knobs in the unit, those you just need to pull with a bit of force and they will slide of, they are held in place only by pressure and friction so very safe to remove.

Second step is to remove the plastic faceplate. This is the trickiest part, as the face plate is attached with latches.

In the next picture I highlighted the latches.

Tivoo Latches

To start disassembling the device, I started from the knob corner moving up using a guittar pick.

Using guitar pick to remove faceplate.

Once the faceplate is removed, the tivoo looks like this.

Tivoo without faceplate

After that the tivo screen is composed of 4 components.

*Diffuser panel
*ligth mask
*led array

The following images is the device after removing the Glass

Tivoo without Glass

The following image is the device after removing the diffuser

Tivoo without deffuser

The following image is the device without the grid mask.

Tivoo without grid mask.

Here are the images of all the 4 components of the screen.

Tivoo glass, diffuser, mask and led display.

Here is other shot of the LED display turned off.

Tivoo LED display

To continue the disassembly process, we need to remove some 6 screws pointed in the next screenshot.

from this point the screen is just held in place by friction against some panne like material. to extract the screen I used one screw driver in one of the holes and pulled as follows.

removing led screen from Tivoo

After that you can just unplug the two wires, the big one is power and data, the small one is the microphone.

screen connected to Tivoo

Here is another picture of the main board of the screen. (The following picture is highRes so you can see the components.

In the case you can see the main battery (a lithium 18650 w 3000mah), the speaker and another board behind the battery (hard to see). You will also see other two screws that need to be removed to continue with the disassembly.

Screws inside assembly.

After that you can remove the inner assembly from the outer case.

Tivoo inner assembly and outer case.

Now to open the inner assembly you need to remove itehr 4 screws.

Inner assembly Tivoo screws

After that you will need to remove other three screws that attach the circuit boar to the assembly and unglue the battery.

To Remove the battery I just gently moved until the glue broke. Also note that the board itself have some of the same glue, so you will need to pull it gently until the glue gives up after removing the 3 screws from the picture.

Tivoo main board srews

Here you can see the board separated from the assembly.

main board Tivoo apart.

Next Here I add some high resolutions from the front and back of the circuit board.

Front side of board
back side of board.

That will be all in this entry, thanks

Note: to see high res in your phone you may need to switch to desktop site mode.

2 thoughts on “DIVOOM tIVO dISASEMBLY (teardown)”

  1. I just wanted to ask, if it can work off the mains with the battery removed?

    I received a tivoo as a gift – it’s a nice design, minus the non removable battery. The battery seems to be a weak point, in that it doesn’t last long. I think it’s marketed as having 5-6 hours of battery life, but from my experience that’s definitely not taking into account listening to music (after one hour at low volume, I’m down to 50 percent). Obviously there will always be a small proportion of defect devices, but the number of battery issues suggests cutting corners. Some reviewers note their device sparking up or smoking.

    One user claims to have disassembled their tivoo and found it had no battery protection in it’s circuit, although the next page of your breakdown does suggest otherwise (of course, whether it’s effective or not is something else). I believe Divoom also noted that some of their devices weren’t compatible with fast chargers, as a response to reviews stating their devices were no longer working after a year or less.

    1. Mine is still working fine after a year, (i have it conected to the charger most of the time and i still get like 3 hours of music with the battery when friends come by). Not sure if it works without the battery, I assume it would. in any case you should be able to buy a 18650 lipo replacement and change it if you are having issues with it.

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