HTML5 BOX2D quickstart with FABLE

This is a quick start to develop content in HTML5 with BOX2D using FABLE. Prerequisites You will need a http server. You can either use XAMP if you are already familiar or any other. In my case I use npx, which is a server from the npmjs. You can see how to install it here. Also you may need […]

Jansen Walker demo

Hi There, Here is the live demo of Jansen Walker. You can download the source file from the following link. JansenWalke.ble The tutorial of the creation of this Jansen Walker is in the youtube video following. You can interact with the demo, the big wheel on top is to change the direction of the spider, just spin it to the […]

The Coyote and the Tlacuache

This time we bring to life one of the best Mexican folktales, The Coyote and the Tlacuache, this is a very interesting story of how a coyote ended in the moon. Stood there and still is. This fantastic story is well known in Mexico, came from an ancient Mexican culture, the Nahuatls, that are still living in some Mexican states […]

The tale of Daniel Cookiecat

This is the first product made by me using fable. This is a tale for kids, available from the apple store. All the textures and physics definition were made with fable. Some extra code to handle other stuff were added externally. I will be adding some tutorials arround this week to show you how to use fable to do this […]