Download the latest version of the program. Be aware that you need to install Adobe Air from the link below in order to install the application.

Install adobe air for Windows or Mac

Version New features Air for Win MacOSX Exe

for win

2020.02.22 *fixing issue with polygon tool

*certificate changed so please uninstall previous ver

BOX2dEditor-FEB-22-2020 BOX2dEditorExe-FEB-22-2020
2016.03.02 *Magnet also added to grid

*You can disable magnet in File>Document Settings

*Bug with center of bodies when creation fixed.

mar.03.2016 Exe.mar.02.2016
2016.02.28 *Scale, rotate and translate issues fix

*Preview movie added as swf ready to submit to pages

*Now you can reflect bodies

*Text narration synk tool, “Experimental” “Just for tale creation”

*Magnet to guides for better control

*Comunication with pvrTextTool to create pvr textures, You need to add pvrTextTool to windows path and install the app thru the .exe installer.

feb.28.2016 Exe.feb.28.2016
2015.10.28 *You can change the point of rotation of the fixtures inside a body

*bug fix when copying a body with fricction joint

*fix live view of transformation for fixtures.

2015.10.21 *Pressing space you can drag the canvas with left clic*pressing space you can zoom the canvas with mouse wheel

*New tools for manipulating textures*Texture mapping bugs fixed

*Rulers were also added

*Guides for the canvas where also added

2015.07.17 *Grid for the canvas  jul.17.2015
2015.03.29 It is showtime  mar.29.2015